Aquaman's original origin was that when he was a baby his mother died, and his father was a undersea explorer. His father found the lost kingdom of Atlantis. His father lived in Atlantis in a water tight home and studied Atlantis. He taught Arthur (aqauman's real name) how to breath under water and speak to sea creatures for up to a minute. It also made him extremely strong and swift. From 1940's to 1950 he mostly fought Nazi U-boat commanders, pirates, and maybe his archenemy. He even fought dangers to sea life, sailors, and shipping lanes. His powers ended up being updated so he could breath for unlimited time. In addition to his added powers he had longevity, invulnerability, long distance jumping, accelerated healing, sea animal control, mastery of atlantean combat. He has many arch enemys such as ocean master, fisherman, scavenger, Quisp, and Dr. vulko. He's a member of the justice league and was once the leader of them and he was the leader of the justice league of atlanteans. He is thought of as a lame hero and the new 52 comic reboot addreses that clearly. In the new 52 reboot he is the king of Atlantis. That is all you need to know about Aquaman